Inside Kung-Fu April 2000


Inside Kung-Fu

“Joseph Simonet’s KI Fighting Concepts”

April 2000

Discover the ultimate training method from the martial art

that is more Jeet Kune Do than Jeet Kune Do:

Joseph Simonet’s KI Fighting Concepts

Sifu Joseph Simonet has devoted his life to mastering a variety of traditional martial arts. After nearly 30 years of experience in the martial arts, he is a Master Instructor of kenpo karate (6th degree black belt) and a certified instructor of Tongkat Serak pentjak silat (2nd degree black belt guru dua hitam), Doce Pares escrima (2nd degree black belt), Eskrido (2nd degree black belt), Yang-style taijiquan and wing chun gung fu.

Through his mastery of these arts, Simonet has realized the values of these various styles; but more importantly, he has realized their shortcomings, both as individual fighting arts and as they apply to people of various abilities, skill levels and body types. This realization led him to develop KI Fighting Concepts: An American Martial Art.

Mirroring Bruce Lee’s original Jeet Kune Do, KI Fighting Concepts draws from all sources and strives for development without boundaries. But unlike modern Jeet Kune Do and most of the other eclectic fighting arts practiced today, KI Fighting Concepts is not merely a combination or haphazard complication of martial arts techniques. Because Simonet has taken the time to understand and master the traditional martial arts in their pure forms, he knows what elements are worth keeps and which should be discarded. He also knows better than anyone that no one martial art is best and that self-development and self-perfection can only come by focusing on the needs of the individual. KI Fighting Concepts is therefore a synthesis of the physical primciples and fighting strategies common to all fighting arts that uses these elements as a foundation to develop the individual fighter. In today’s martial arts world, KI Fighting Concepts is more Jeet Kune Do than Jeet Kune Do.

“There is no substitute for a tough and intelligent approach to training. I personally recommend and endorse this training method and feel that it will give you the edge you need on today’s streets”. Pentjak Silat Grandmaster Ma Ha Guru Victor deThouras

The training methods of KI Fighting Concepts, like the art itself, are intensely progressive and unique. They also make extensive use of the most versatile and effective martial arts training aid ever developed: the mook jong. The mook jong, or wooden dummy, consists of a central body, several protruding arms and, in some cases, an extended leg. It is mounted on a shock-absorbing frame that allows it to provide almost human reactions while easily withstanding the most powerful strikes. Its unique design allows a fighter to practice full-power blocks, strikes and kicks with the same realism as training with a partner, but unlike a training partner, it is never tired, sick, bored or injured. When combined with the proper mind-set and form, this simple device allows the martial artist to train in virtually any technique with tremendous realism and bone-breaking power. It is the ultimate training aid for the ultimate martial artist.

Although the mook jong is usually associated with the practice of wing chun gung fu, its usefulness extends to all martial arts styles. Through his decades of experience, Sifu Simonet learned to use wooden dummy training to perfect his practice of all these arts and ultimately forged them into an explosive synthesis called the “Slam Set.”

“This is the way Bruce Lee would be training with the mook jong if he were alive today.” Grandmaster Al Tracy, Tracy’s Kenpo

Simply put, the Slam Set is the most highly evolved wooden dummy form ever developed. Drawing from his extensive knowledge of the martial arts and countless hard-core fighting experiences, Simonet developed the Slam Set to provide combat-orientated martial artists with everything they need to know to be effective in a real fight in one explosive form. However, the Slam Set is not merely combination of techniques from different styles. Like KI Fighting Concepts, it is the key to understanding the common principles and movement patterns of all martial arts.

Together, KI Fighting Concepts and the Slam Set form a scientific approach to personal combat that enables the practitioner to understand the core principles of the martial arts and use them to perfect his (or her) fighting skills. This approach also allows a fighter to train with proper and complete technique, as well as full power. The result is a highly accelerated method that integrates skill training with physical conditioning to produce astonishing results in a very short period of time.

Until recently, this training method was only shared with an elite group of Sifu Simonet’s private students. However, thanks to a new Paladin video production, the secrets of the Slam Set are now available to you. In the professionally produced two-tape set The Mook Jong Slam Set – Dynamic Wooden Dummy Training for All Martial Artists, Simonet takes you step by step through the movements of the Slam Set and explains their underlying principles and traditional origins. He then puts theory into hard-core practice and teaches you how to apply these movements to destroy a typical street attacker in a matter of seconds. Whether you own a wooden dummy or not, the dozens of explosive fighting applications shown in this set and the insight into the core principles of realistic fighting are more than worth the price of these videos.

Joseph Simonet has devoted his life to the mastery, analysis, and synthesis of the martial arts for one simple reason: so you don’t have to. Don’t miss this opportunity to let him teach you the underlying secrets of the fighting arts and lead you toward personal perfection. The key to discovery in the martial arts is self-discovery. Let the Slam Set show you what you’ve been missing.


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