Fighting Master in Shanghai


Fighting Master in Shanghai

By Shimeng Tang


Pg. 41-44

Recently, an agreement has been reached between Shanghai Mingxin Sports LTD. And Mr. Joe Simonet, the founder of the KI Fighting Concepts, which makes SMX the exclusive agent of KI Fighting Concepts in Greater China. On signing this agreement, SMX will bring a brand new life style to the people of modern times.

Mr. Joes Simonet is an American celebrity as well as a private fitness advisor of some other celebrities. He often appears as Mr. Cover of “Paladin Press”, a widely read fighting sport magazine and is a frequent guest in American TV shows. In addition, he runs his own martial school together with his wife, Mrs. Addy Hernandez.

In June 2006, upon the invitation of SMX, Mr. Simonet and Mrs. Hernandez brought the modern martial sport especially suitable for Chinese people—Mook Jong Arts, which regards defense as its first priority, rather than attack. It’s easy for both teacher and learner, even for those most inexperienced. According to Mr. Simonet, “KI fighting” derives its idea from the traditional Chinese martial arts—Wing Chun, and has developed itself into a modern fashionable self defense sport, in combination with Karate, Pentjak Silat, Doce Pares and Tai Chi. china-pg-2

As the exclusive agent in Greater China of KI Fighting Concepts, SMX will work closely with domestic organizations in the name of KI Fighting in the evaluating of the project’s market value and the exploring of further business chances. SMX is a company based on a team of professionals. Its core competence is the delivering of professional services, such as finding value added sport management solutions for clients, providing sponsorship and cooperation chances, planning grand attractive events and the last but no the least, holding sports games.



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